Welcome – season’s greetings

So this is the first post I’m writing on my new blog to share what keeps moving me. A small article but a whole step for me. Welcome!

Together with Kattoo we are currently updating my website. It is my goal to overwin my ‘administration fear’ & fill my website with works & treasures that remained hidden in the storage room. So the first work I’m posting today in this new blog, is a painting I made a couple of years ago, and that from time to time I keep hanging up here in our home, hereby asking myself why this kind of painting keeps intriguing me after all that time. Yesterday I think I found the answer thanks to the sculptures & collages (kind of space ships) I’m making these months. There seems to be a longing in me for creating/painting free & colourful shapes that define an empty surface/space.

Maybe a footnote in this world, but I think it’s important to understand why we do things in a specific way, what triggers us and so get to know ourselves better. I wish you all a huge space of love, happiness & joy for 2019.