Phil Coucke - contemporary artist
 abstract paintings - sculptures - workshops 




      Hello and welcome


      This website is about my art.. but where does it come from?


      Images from other dimensions come to me and I translate 

      them into colourful paintings & sculptures ;-)


      Enjoy letting your imagination run free!







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A closer look to my sculptures

A closer look to my sculptures

Placed at 03-05-2021

Our artist studio is my favorite place to give expression to my colour & shapes passion.

I am drawing/designing my own shapes, which i transform into colourful abstract paintings that will lead a life as contemporary sculptures

Participating in 'Atelier in Beeld'

Participating in 'Atelier in Beeld'

Placed at 25-04-2021

Atelier in Beeld
From April 26th to May 9th, the art event 'Atelier in Beeld' is taking place.
'Atelier in Beeld' is replacing the previous edition of 'Buren bij Kunstenaars' and is now (due to corona) taking place online.