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Hello and welcome


      This website is about my art, but where does it come from?


  Images & shapes from other dimensions come to me and I translate them into colourful paintings & sculptures ;-)


Enjoy letting your imagination run free!




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My work now on!

My work now on!

Placed at 11-07-2022

Dear friends, as of this month, you can find my work also on the online art platform Balthasart!
My first pieces are already online and it is my intention to expand my offer of sculptures, paintings & screenprints each month.

Happy new year - preview new work

Happy new year - preview new work

Placed at 02-01-2022

Dear friends, thank you for following me in 2021 & have a happy, free and healthy 2022
I am pleased to give you a small preview of a new collection that I will create/paint/build up in the coming year.  I find it already now very fascinating and motivating.