Happy new year - preview new work

Dear friends, 

Thank you for following me in 2021 and have a happy, free and healthy 2022!

I am pleased to give you a small preview of a new collection that I will create/paint/build up in the coming year.  I find it already now very fascinating and motivating.

The foundations of this collection are numerous dreams in which I receive signs. Initially, I paid little attention to these signs. However, because they kept popping up, I began to collect them. 

These signs will be my inspiration for 2022. I will make a collection of screen prints, sculptures and paintings with them. In one way or another, these works are already 'in the sky' but of course there is still a whole work process to go through.

For this purpose, last September/October I refreshed my screenprinting knowledge from years ago and started doing tests. I do everything myself: assembling the screens, stretching them and preparing them for printing. For the first tests I used my existing shapes, but now I am gradually working with my new signs. For me it’s clear that these signs originate from other dimensions but I also have the feeling that still more information will become clear during the creation process. They will all get a special name.

Here is an example of such a new silkscreen: the sign from another dimension (silkscreened in red) lands on our earth (black silkscreened organic structures). In reality, this work is rectangular/smaller but my website is placing the work in a square box.

Next year, there will be numerous additions with sculptures and paintings. So I would suggest, if you find it interesting, please follow my journey on my instagram page phil.coucke.art. I find your support very valuable and am grateful for it.

So, see you soon and have a splendid 2022,