Art in corona times

This weekend, there is a new edition of the event ‘Buren bij Kunstenaars’. Because of the corona measures I decided to not take part this time.

Our studio can host a maximum of 15 persons and therefore we would need to ask our visitors to make a booking, to work with time slots, wear masks, etc.

I really love to meet friends and visitors but with time slots and masks i have the feeling a sense of spontaneity is falling away. That’s of course also a pity in view of commercial aspects.


A lot of events in different sectors are canceled, postponed, etc. Many workers in the cultural and art sector experience problems to settle their accounts and standing charges.

The picture of the isolated and dreaming artist in his studio, as in times of the old masters, absolutely belongs to the past. It is a continuous challenge to find new ways to put our art and activitities in the market, taking into account the new possibilities, tools and developments in our society.

It is a matter of re-thinking everything, to stay on our path, to find new collabs and be open for new chances.


Keep well & see you soon!